Day 273: “Surprise” Flowers

On Wednesday I bought you this bouquet of flowers:

I didn’t give it directly to you. Instead, I put a note in it that said, “Love, Your Secret Admirer,” then asked a couple that lives next to us if they would take them to you and say that some random person asked them to give it to you. Then I went back to our house.

About ten minutes later, they knocked on the door. When you answered it, they did just as I asked. “Oh! Thank you!” you said. “What did the neighbors say?” I asked you with a huge grin on my face after you closed the door. “Thanks for the flowers, dear. They’re beautiful,” you said. “Weren’t you surprised?” I asked. “Nope. But I love the flowers.” I thought you’d be very surprised and even amazed. So much for being the David Blaine of romance.

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