Day 272: Pillow Surprise

On Tuesday, I stuffed some packs of fun size M&M’S in your pillow along with a note that said “Enjoy!” I expected you to lay your head down, notice something odd, then search your pillow and find the surprise. So much for expectations.

That evening, you hopped into bed and laid your head on my pillow. I thought that was weird because of our pillow rivalry: we each argue that our own pillow is better than the other’s. Honestly, there’s no real debate here, since mine is obviously better. It’s firm and supportive, while yours is so soft and airy that your head sinks straight down to bed level when you use it.

“Isn’t that mine?” I asked. “Oh, yeah–I thought something felt really uncomfortable,” you quipped, then switched our pillows and laid your head back down. As you did, the M&M wrappers crinkled. I laughed. “Mmmm . . . now that’s better!” you said as you turned your head back and forth on your pillow, relishing its comfort. The wrappers crinkled with each turn of your head and you didn’t even notice (we won’t draw any conclusions here based on the moral of “The Princess and the Pea”). At that point, I laughed really hard. You thought I was laughing because you were making a big deal about your pillow, so you hammed it up even more. Thus, the wrappers crinkled even more.

“Check inside your pillow,” I said laughing. “What?” “Check inside your pillow.” “What gross thing did you put inside my pillow?” you asked as you quickly pulled your head off of it. I grabbed it and shook out the note and the M&M’S. “Awww! Thanks!” you said, then laughed as you realized what just happened.

I think this episode settles our pillow debate. Clearly, you’ll sleep on anything!


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