Day 259: Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday I created a small scavenger hunt for you in our house. I made three clue cards:

(1) Here we eat/ Here we drink/ Here I sometimes work and think.

(2) Roses are red/ Violets are blue/ “As cold as ice”/ Is your next clue.

(3) To find your next clue you won’t fail/ If you look inside the mail.

I gave you the first, taped the second underneath the table, put the third in the freezer, and hid a bag of fun size candy bars in our mailbox. I guess the third really wasn’t a clue since I told you exactly where to look. Also, I said you would find a clue in the mail, but I put your prize, not a clue, there. Whoops. I only notice things like that when I’m writing these posts and then it’s too late.

Our oldest daughter had so much fun going on the scavenger hunt with you. She thought it was for her. When you guys checked the freezer for the third clue, she said, “It really is as cold as ice in here!”

You really enjoyed this act of love as well. You keep saying how good I’m getting at doing things like this.

Since our eighth anniversary is on Tuesday, this act was the start of our anniversary celebration.

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