My Pink Palace

June 7, 2012

I’m a man. And I live in a pink palace. But what should I expect? I share my space with four girls.

Sure, I’ve done some manly things in my time. But things are different now. I play with dolls. I go to tea parties. I watch “The Bachelor”—on the edge of my seat. I basically live and breathe pink.

A few days ago, the pink finally got to me. I felt like I was drowning in Barbies and babies and perfumes and pigtails and tutus and teacups. I had to get away. I had to expend some long-pent-up man-ergy. So, I went out to do something manly. I could hardly contain my excitement. There were so many possibilities! Like choppin’ wood or shootin’ guns or cliff diving.

How did I spend my man break? I went to our local coffee shop, ordered a medium iced coffee with cream, and sipped on it as I sunk into a plush chair. There’s something seriously wrong with that. I guess I’ve been pinkified so long that I’ve forgotten how to be manly.

But I was a man once and a darned good one. So know this: next time I get a break, I’m bringing manly back. Next time, I’ll drink my coffee black.


Day 250: Continuing my Education

June 7, 2012

For my 250th act of love, I had something big planned for you, because I’ve done something big or meaningful for you every 50th day of this blog. I had to put my plans on hold, though, because my cousin was here (if you read this, cousin: no biggie; we were so glad you came).

Instead, I simply read some of John Piper’s articles on marriage.

Keep an eye out for that big act, though.

Day 249: Weekly Prayer

June 7, 2012

For Sunday’s act of love, I prayed for our marriage for fifteen minutes per my weekly custom. For most of that time, I prayed something that I’ve continually prayed throughout 365 Acts of Love: that God would turn our hearts toward him and each other.

Day 248: Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

June 7, 2012

We went to the beach today. Our oldest daughter was so brave to go boogie boarding while we were there. As her reward, I promised to buy her an ice cream.

Later that night, when I took her to redeem her reward, I stopped by Starbucks to get you a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. I pretended to drink it when we got back. “Want a sip of my coffee?” I asked you. “Sure,” you said, without complaining that I got myself a drink but not you. “Actually, it’s yours,” I replied. With that, you hugged me and said, “You’re so nice when your cousin is around!” Maybe you’re right. I hope, though, that I’m also so nice when he’s not around.

Day 247: Flowers and Manliness

June 7, 2012

My cousin and his wife came over today and they’ll be staying for five days. Due to that, I’m going to take it easy on myself by committing really simple acts of love during their stay.

When we went shopping for food today, I bought you red roses. I buy you flowers on a weekly basis anyway, but today, I counted that purchase as my act of love.

Incidentally, my cousin bought his wife flowers today too. He and I found enjoyment in planning out which flowers to buy for our wives and discussing what flowers we usually buy, etc. Typically, we plan some fun, “manly” thing to do, whether it’s shooting or hiking or skimboarding or whatever, and finding great enjoyment in that. This time, we were united in our desire to please our wives. But I guess that’s pretty manly too.