Day 238: The Search for a New Song

When I posted about our song a few days ago, I decided that I want us to have a new (that is, an additional) song, one that reflects the renewed commitment we have for each other because of 365 Acts of Love. “Out of My League” is cool and it can always be our song, but I think it would be wonderful to have a song that reminds us of this great and challenging year in our lives as well as the changes that it brought to our marriage.

Picking a song is tough, though. For this post, I’ll have to be satisfied with simply throwing out a candidate: “I Will Be Here,” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I know it’s old, but I like it. I already bought it on Amazon. Like “Out of My League,” I won’t tell you that I purchased this song, but will surprise you with it by incorporating it into one of my acts of love.

And the search goes on . . .


PS Readers: I’ll totally take suggestions.


5 Responses to Day 238: The Search for a New Song

  1. Dwayne Cruz says:

    I think u should listen to brad paisleys song Then and Remind me

  2. Christy says:

    Might be more of a wedding song, but Matthew West “When I Say I Do” is a good one. Just have to say that I LOVE keeping up on this blog and can’t wait to continue reading.

    • Thanks for those suggestions. I’ll definitely check them out. I really am glad that you like the blog. Sometimes, I don’t get feedback and I wonder who’s paying attention. In the end, though, I’m only concerned about the feedback of one person.

  3. Christy says:

    Dave Barnes, I Have and Always Will is another good one.

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