Day 231: Messages in the Car

For Wednesday, I cut out one heart from each of four note cards. I wrote “Your love fills my heart” on one and taped it just under the gas gauge in our car. On the second, I wrote “My heart accelerates when I’m with you” and taped that under the speedometer. I wrote “You rev up my soul” on the third, which I taped under the tachometer. On the fourth, I wrote “You keep me cool, baby” and taped it under the temperature gauge:

You thought these notes were a lot of fun!

I came up with a bunch of other expressions for the hearts, but they didn’t quite make the cut:

“You’re full of it” (gas gauge).

“You warn me when I’m moving too fast” (speedometer).

“You keep me cool, baby, like antifreeze keeps an engine cool as it’s passed through the engine block, then through the radiator, then back through the engine block” (temperature gauge).

 “You spin me right round, baby/ Right round, like a crankshaft, baby.” (tachometer).


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