Day 227: Your Act of Love

On the way home from your earth-shattering Mother’s Day celebration (where’s a sarcasm font when you need one?), I started feeling sick. By the time we got home, I felt so bad that I had a hard time making it to my bed on my own. For the rest of the night, I lay in bed with a high fever.

That was a really fine way to end your Mother’s Day. But think of it this way–I gave you a great opportunity to show off those outstanding mothering skills of yours. And show them off you did! You waited on me at every moment, yet simultaneously kept our kids from killing each other.

Thank you so much for doing such a great job. In fact, thanking you for the job you did was my act of love for Saturday. While sick in bed, I wrote you this note:

Thank you for taking care of me even on Mother’s Day. You’re a great mom and a spectacular wife!

That note was about all I could handle doing for your act of love. I can’t believe how sick I felt that night. (Maybe the processed chicken from Chuck E. Cheese’s didn’t sit well with me!)


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