Day 221: Flowers at In-N-Out

May 10, 2012

For lunch on Sunday, we ate at In-N-Out. As we went through the drive-thru, I noticed some beautiful white roses growing alongside the restaurant. I attempted to ask an employee, once we got up to the drive-thru window, if I could pick one for you. But my question came out like this: “Can I pick a wife?” She gave me a confused look. “Sorry! I meant to say ‘Can I pick one of your flowers for my wife,'” I quickly replied. She said I could, then laughed at my blunder.

So, I picked and gave you a flower. But that was when I noticed the sad look on our daughters’ faces. Apparently, they wanted flowers too. When I went to pick them some, the guy in the car behind us said, “The flower wasn’t big enough for her, was it?” “No,” I responded, “my daughters were jealous.” He and his wife laughed. Once I gave the girls their flowers, our entire family was happy–including me, but that was because I ordered a Triple-Triple.