Day 209: Camp Journal

While cleaning our room on Tuesday, I came across the journal that you started for us when we were counselors at Hume Lake Christian Camps, which was around the same time that we started dating.

You were a counselor for a week and I was a counselor for the week after you, but we weren’t there at the same time. This made us sad, because we wanted to be there together. So, you journaled every day in order that I could read about your experiences. Before you left camp, you left the journal with the camp staff so that they could give it to me when I arrived. You wrote these instructions inside: “You can only read one [entry] per day unless you get this after you’ve been here for a few days. But try to only read the ones that are the same day as it is for you . . . Miss you! Have fun!” I did as such and also wrote an entry for each day that I was at camp. When I came back, we read the entries together.

For my act of love, I left the journal on our table, along with a note that said, “We’ll always have Hume Lake.” I thought you would enjoy reminiscing on that experience.

PS: I read through some of the entries just now . . . good times.

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