Day 180: Stalker Alert!

March 29, 2012

On Monday, I graded tests at home all day. At some point, you took the girls to Costco. When you did, I wrote out this note for you, biked to Costco, found our van, placed it on our windshield, then biked home:

What?! I just noticed I put "You're" instead of "Your." How embarrassing.

When you came home, I helped you with the girls and the groceries, all the while waiting for you to say something about the note. You told me about Costco and how good the kids were, but the note never came up. After a while, I thought, “She’s toying with me. Well, I’m not going to say anything about it either. I can wait as long as her.”

I started grading tests again, when finally you said something. “I found this weird note on our windshield when I came out of Costco.” “Oh, yeah?” “Yeah, I think someone followed me around just so they could put it there.” “I guess you’re never going out ┬áby yourself again!” I couldn’t help but laugh, which made you laugh. You asked how I was able to pull that off and told me you couldn’t stop smiling after you read it. When I finished grading the test I was on, I flipped it over and this note was under it:

hey good looking,

thanks for the note. I tried the #, but it didn’t work. glad I found you. xoxo

your not so secret admirer