March 23, 2012

On Wednesday night, you found some information about 365 Acts of Love on our computer. “What’s this?” you asked. I didn’t know what to say. My heart started pounding, my hands started sweating, and my face felt hot. I wasn’t about to lie and I didn’t think you’d be satisfied if I told you that you needed to wait to see. Then, your eyes started tearing up because you were confused about what was happening. So, I told you about the blog, though I was short on details. When I finished, you said that you didn’t want to know anything else and that you didn’t want to see the blog until it was finished because you wanted to be surprised. For the rest of the night, I was shaking slightly and sick to my stomach, even while feeling a sense of relief. At this point, I’m planning on not speaking with you about the blog until I present it to you six months from now.


Day 175: Endurance Hugging

March 23, 2012

On Wednesday, I decided to give you a long hug for my act of love. So while you were making dinner, I brought up the idea with an opening line that really swept you off your feet:

“Let’s hug for some predetermined length of time.”

“Okay, how about a minute.”

“A minute? Are you joking? That’s weak.”

“Fine. How about five.”

“We don’t have all day. What about two?”

“Sure. Should I set the timer on the microwave?”

“Yeah. Wait . . . the two button doesn’t work.”

“Okay, let’s set it for one minute, 59 seconds.”

“Or, we could set it for one minute, 60 seconds. That way we could get our two minutes in.”

“Let’s just stick with 1:59.”


I set the timer and we started hugging. At first, it felt stilted, which prompted some sarcastic remarks from each of us. But soon, you sank into my arms and laid your head on my shoulders. It was nice. After a while, though, my mind wandered and I began wondering when the timer would go off. So, I gently rocked and turned us at the same time so I could see the mircrowave. There were 30 seconds left. “You’re trying to look at the timer, aren’t you?” you asked. “Two minutes is a long time!” I replied. “I know, right?” For the rest of the time, we jokingly worked on dinner while continuing to hug. I’m thinking we need to work on our hugs.