Day 172: Household Project #3

March 19, 2012

Yesterday, I intended to complete an item from the list of household projects you gave me. But instead, I did something that you wanted me to do more than any item on the list: I took a bunch of discs with our photos on them and downloaded them on to our computer. I also put took the photos off of the memory cards for our cameras and put them on the computer. You were surprisingly happy that I did this and had fun looking at the photos.


Day 171: Your Beautiful Eyes

March 19, 2012

For my 171st act of love, I told you this: “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?” “Why?” you asked. “Because they’re so beautiful!”

I want to tell you, again, that I think you’re more beautiful than anyone I’ve ever seen or known. If I don’t tell you that often, I’m sorry.

PS: Maybe you were right to want that raincoat for our oldest: it rained Saturday and Sunday here. Looks like the joke’s on me.