Day 170: Gift Card

On Friday, I received a gift card from Old Navy for $25. For my act of love, I gave it to you to buy new clothes for yourself. You were so excited about it that you stayed up until 2 AM browsing the Old Navy website. Guess what? You decided to buy a cute raincoat for our daughter with it. That’s funny! First, I just said in my post for day 168 that you do this kind of thing all the time–you plan on buying something for yourself, then you buy something cute for our girls. Second, we live in Santa Barbara, where it rains like two days out of the year.

I also took our second daughter on her Valentine’s date on Friday. I know, I know–it’s over a month late. In my defense, I’ve been working day and night to finish that work project (which was accepted, by the way!). We went to Starbucks where I bought her a drink. Then, we went to the toy store and she bought a few toys with her birthday money. In the car on the way to the toy store, she said, “take me home; I don’t want to be on our date.” I told her that we were going to the toy store. That changed her mind.

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