Day 165: Aw, Shucks!

March 12, 2012

For some reason, yesterday when I went to bed, I thought I’d committed an act of love for the day, but I hadn’t. So I missed a day. And that’s after Saturday’s act, in which I recommitted to 365. Oh, well–today’s a new day.

Day 164: A Fresh Start

March 12, 2012

I’ve recently lost sight of project 365. Although I’ve consistently done acts of love for you, my mind’s been focused on work. This hasn’t been bad, but necessary. Still, I need to renew my commitment to 365. I’m doing so by taking you back to the beginning. On day 2, I committed to buying you flowers every week. So far, you’ve made sure that I’ve stuck by that commitment. On Saturday, in continuation of that commitment and as a symbol of the commitment I made to you through 365, I bought you flowers. Although it wasn’t an act extraordinaire, if I consistently buy you flowers, over time it will have a compounding effect on our relationship. So, too, will this blog, if I remain committed to it.


Day 163: Love Does Not Boast

March 12, 2012

I’m a boaster. Boasting runs in my family [sorry, fam, it’s true]. On Friday, I prayed that God would make me the kind of person who doesn’t boast about my strengths and accomplishments. I have no reason to boast in them, whatever they may be, because God, by his grace, has given me everything I have or have done. However, there are things I can and should boast about–for example, my weaknesses, because God is strong when I’m weak, and my God, because of all that he is and does. In light of this, I thanked God for my weaknesses and praised him for his greatness. [Let’s use our boastful tendency, my family, to boast about our God!]

What does any of this have to do with 365 Act of Love? As I’ve mentioned before, bettering my character allows me to better love you. And being boastful is a character weakness. In particular, it’s an inappropriate focus on self that is opposed to love. So, I’m seeking to become the kind of person who doesn’t boast, because I want to be the kind of person who focuses on others rather than himself. In particular, I want to be the kind of person who focuses (at least) on you, and your strengths and accomplishments, and your wants and needs.