Day 124: Household Projects

I’m notoriously bad at doing special household projects. Sure, I do my share of cleaning, but some projects I leave undone for months. That’s why I asked you on day 107 to make a list of projects or whatever that you need me to do. You gave me that list on Sunday and yesterday I completed one of its items. I’m hoping to complete every item on the list in the coming weeks, but I’m not making any promises: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.



3 Responses to Day 124: Household Projects

  1. […] I intended to complete an item from the list of household projects you gave me. But instead, I did something that you wanted me to do more than any item on the list: […]

  2. […] put our shed for sale on craigslist. On Saturday, I did. That’s one more thing checked off of the list you made. Rate this: Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailDiggLinkedInRedditStumbleUponPrintLike […]

  3. […] an item to craigslist that you’ve been bugging me to sell. I hope to be done with that entire list of household projects soon. Rate this:Share […]

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