Day 122: Acting in Light of Your Needs

Typically, I plan a week’s worth of acts at a time, which keeps the stress levels of this blog to a minimum. Some days, though, I don’t have an act planned. By the time 11 PM rolls around on those days, I’m usually still considering what act to do. Not fun.

Anyway, yesterday I decided not to plan a particular act, but to do whatever act seemed most appropriate in light of your needs. In other words, I decided to wait for a need of yours to arise, then to meet it.

As it turned out, you needed someone to save you from me. I woke up with a bad attitude that persisted through much of the day. I just couldn’t shake it, mainly because I didn’t want to. Instead, I wanted to pity myself because of my challenging circumstances at work. While grocery shopping with you guys that afternoon, I realized I was ruining everyone’s good time, and so, that your most pressing need was for me to change my attitude.

After grocery shopping, then, I took us all to a playground so we could have some fun together. More importantly, though, I changed my attitude. The day turned out fairly well, even if my work circumstances remained the same. Which is curious, because I thought for sure that sulking about would really turn things around. So much for that tactic.


2 Responses to Day 122: Acting in Light of Your Needs

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