Day 115: Watching My Tongue

Something I struggle with, especially in our home, is keeping my tongue at bay. I sometimes say mean things (whether intentionally or not), sometimes annoying things, sometimes frivolous things. Today I attempted to refrain from saying things that don’t build you up (Eph. 4:29). Dang! it was tough. I realized how much I say that tests your patience. You’re astounding, though, because you typically respond in gentleness and with patience. Although one day doesn’t form a habit, at least I’m more aware of how I use my words in our home.


2 Responses to Day 115: Watching My Tongue

  1. Scott says:

    This is a difficult task, one which as you know is admonished to us repetitively in Scripture. I believe this is true because, as God spoke Creation, being in His image, we can create with our words. We can create a piece of heaven or hell on this earth.

    Praying for you, brother.

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