Day 114: Family Matters

Last night, we watched the movie Courageous together so that I would be strengthened in my resolve to be a better husband and father. (I’m setting aside my desire to critique its filmic elements.) I praise God for giving me the resolve to do well by you and our children. May he strengthen my resolve.

Being a good husband to you requires being a good father to our children and vice versa. Being a good husband and father to you and our girls requires devotion to God and vice versa. May God increase my devotion.

Incidentally, the whole family’s been getting involved in showing love to one another. In addition to the note you gave me, you (and the girls) surprised me with a special dinner to encourage me for doing well at work. Plus, our girls, seeing the love notes we give each other, now frequently write each other and us love notes. And, every time we go to the grocery store, they run to the flower section and ask me what flowers we should get for you. Of course, we can’t spend a fortune on flowers, so I tell them that we can only buy you flowers once a week. It seems like 365’s become a family matter.


2 Responses to Day 114: Family Matters

  1. Heather says:

    Courageous was such a great movie! I’m not a cinema or theatre expert, so my only thoughts are on the messages it contains – and they were stellar. My kids and I saw it at an advanced screening and couldn’t wait to bring my husband. The biggest problem was that every time something funny was about to happen, my son would chuckle a little so hubby knew to expect it. I think so many families need to see this movie – imagine how many families could be strengthened by it…

    So glad to hear the entire family is getting in on the act! It’s a great example of just how much our kids watch and imitate us.

    • Concerning the message of the movie, you’re right–it was great! It moved me emotionally and to action. How exciting that you got to see an advanced screening and that you made the movie a family affair. My kids are too young for it. They can’t handle parts of _Finding Nemo_, let alone _Courageous_.

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