Day 113: Washing the Dishes

January 19, 2012

You’re at a meeting right now and will be for another few hours. When you come home, you’ll be tired and you’ll want to just relax a little before you go to bed. However, it’s your turn to wash the dishes and you hate that job. So, I’m going to wash those dishes as soon as I publish this post. I’ll find joy in doing it because I know how happy it’ll make you. I’m making your happiness my happiness. And just for good measure, I’m throwing in a free neck massage.


Day 112: Character and Hope

January 19, 2012

The other day, you left a note for me in the medicine cabinet. Thanks! It said, “Good morning, starshine! The earth says, ‘hello!’ We love you!” Since you gave me that note, I’ve been thinking about our date to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during our first year of marriage (and how, for good or ill, that line’s been stuck with us ever since). Remember we just got Tobey, so we brought him with us? Then Matt nearly ran him over?

Things were simpler back then. But I wouldn’t trade the love we’ve developed for each other through time and trial for the simple, feelings-based love we had then. Certainly, there are feelings now! But they flow out of an enduring character. And certainly, it wasn’t all based on feelings then, but a strengthening commitment.

Anyway, for act 112, I wrote you this note:

Thanks for the note you left me in the bathroom. It made my week! I know things have been difficult lately and I think they’ll grow more difficult. But our great God directs our steps and does nothing in vain. And, we know that when we persevere through difficult times, it develops our character, and out of that character, hope springs (Rom. 5:3-4). Let’s allow our difficulties outside our home to bring unity inside our home, as we develop a stable and enduring love for each other.

I love you, Francine.