Day 77: Gingerbread House

A few months back, we bought a ceramic gingerbread house from a craft store. Since then, I’ve painted it little by little. Last night I decided to finish it and finally did so by 4 AM. I presented it to you this morning as one of your Christmas gifts.

I’m not making any claims to artistic greatness here; I’m simply hoping that you appreciate the thought behind it.

I painted the above house for you partly for nostalgic reasons: when we were engaged, I painted another house for you, which you still proudly display in our living room. This one is supposed to serve as a stand-in farmhouse until we can buy a real one. Though we’re still living in an apartment, I’ll eventually get you your (real) farmhouse. In the meantime, we’re content where God has us. Between my recent ornament purchase, the farmhouse, and the gingerbread house, it seems I’m obsessed with buying/painting you houses.


One Response to Day 77: Gingerbread House

  1. Heather says:

    Beautiful houses – you did a very nice job with them!

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