Day 70: Little Acts Count Too

I decided to do ten little acts for you yesterday, rather than one biggish one. Here are my “ten” acts:

 (1) I texted you during the day to tell you I love you and to ask you how you’re doing. You said you’re surviving. I texted you back that “you’re a survivor/ you’re gonna make it.”

(2) I opened the car door for you when we went out.

(3) I held your hand as much as possible during the evening. Sometimes, certain little people prevented me from doing so as they often required more hands than both of us have.

(4) I cleaned the bathroom sink for you.

(5) I placed a love note on the bathroom sink for you.

(6) I placed a few pieces of chocolate on your pillow.

(7) I served you ice cream.

(8) I massaged one of your hands.

By the time I finished (8), I lay down on the couch and told you to wake me up in twenty minutes (who takes naps at 10 PM?). (9) and (10) never came because my nap lasted a tad longer than I expected. Around three AM, our oldest daughter needed some attention. As we took care of her, you told me that you found the chocolates and the note and that I was very thoughtful to do those things.


2 Responses to Day 70: Little Acts Count Too

  1. Nina Medearis says:

    It’s nice that you cleaned the sink, but it was for your wife? Why? You benefit from this too.

    • I do benefit from it. But here’s the deal: my wife and I split the cleaning responsibilities in our house so that we’re each responsible for our own sections of the house. We’re both happy with this arrangement. She’s in charge of the bathroom (she likes to clean it–weird, I know). So, when I was in the bathroom, I saw that the sink needed cleaned and I cleaned it. We’ve both been extra busy lately, with a baby in the house, so I just thought that’d be one less thing she’d have to do.

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