Day 60: Church Testimonial

November 28, 2011

Yesterday during church, the pastor let people stand up and give testimony to something that they thank God for. I knew he was going to do this, so I planned on standing up and saying something about you. However, when the time came, you’d stepped out to feed our baby. I stood up anyway and said, “I’m grateful for my wife and I’m looking forward to the time we have together . . . Where did she go, anyway?” I wish you were there to hear it. Maybe you heard it from the cry room. I’m not sure. At any rate, I decided not to tell you that I did this. You’ll learn about it here or through some other means.


Day 59: Love and Respect

November 28, 2011

Five years ago, we attended our first marriage conference: the Love and Respect Conference ( We loved it so much and it had such an impact on our marriage that we decided to attend a marriage conference every year; but, we haven’t attended one since (oops). We need to. Right now, we can’t because we have a newborn. Given that, I decided that we could at least listen to a conference from home. So, on Saturday I asked you if you wanted to start listening to the CDs from the Love and Respect Conference. You said yes. We listened to the first CD called “The Crazy Cycle.” At times, we definitely fall into to the Crazy Cycle: my lack of love fuels your lack of respect and vice versa. I’m anxious to listen to the CDs on the Energizing and Rewarded Cycles. Perhaps I’ll learn new ways to love you that I can incorporate into 365 Acts of Love.