Day 40: A Time For Us

With the little ones ruling our house, I daily anticipate the time we spend together after they’re in bed. (I love our kids and hanging out with them, but I also like having time just for us.) While most of our evenings consist in caring for our newborn or knocking stuff off the to-do list or cleaning, sometimes–just sometimes–we simply hang out. And when this happens, I feel a little nastolgia for our first year of marriage, when we hung out every evening, delighting in each other, while the dishes piled up and the to-do list grew. Last night brought me back to that time. We’ve been working hard lately, so I wanted to give us some rest. I told you that you could pick any movie you felt like watching and we’d watch it together. You chose Captain America. To my surprise, our newborn fell asleep before we put the older ones to bed. So, we snuggled under a blanket together and watched a science experiment from Brooklyn save the world from a monster even Hitler feared. For all I cared, we could’ve watched Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa roll in the grass to the coos and giggles of a creepy sun-baby. I enjoyed just being with you. If this act of love blessed you the way it did me, then I’d consider it a huge success.

2 Responses to Day 40: A Time For Us

  1. As I was reading several post, I thought there were written by the Wife 🙂
    It is a good idea to keep track – if she ever accused you of not doing anything good for her 🙂
    I think that Captain America choice made me think it was a husband’s choice.
    About love notes – my husband and I lived in two different states for a while, and we was mailing a card every day (almost every day). They were hand made, silly, funny, nostalgic cards, very sweet indeed.

    • I’m not sure what to say to your first sentence. Thanks?
      As for the second, how did you know my reason for writing this blog?! 😉
      Captain America was her choice. I really had to suffer through that one, right? She loves superhero movies.
      That’s really cool of your husband!

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