Day 37: Words of Encouragement

November 5, 2011

On day 36, you made fun of me for not giving you enough love notes. So last night, I brought you a homemade card with hearts all over it. On the outside, it said, “You asked me to write you more love notes, so . . .” And on the inside: “here’s an IOU good for one love note.” When I gave you the card, your face brightened up. But when you read the inside, you rolled your eyes. “You think you’re so funny, don’t you?!” you said as you tossed the card back at me. After getting a laugh out of it, I handed you your real love note.

I didn’t use the love notes (especially not the first!) for my 37th act of love. Instead, over the course of the day, I encouraged you five different times. One, as you made eggs for our kids’ breakfast, I told you that you take care of our kids well. “I’ve had five years of practice,” you said. Two, I texted you midday to tell you you’re beautiful. You texted back to say thanks and that you’re glad I liked your pajamas (I suspected some playful sarcasm in your response). Three, as we ate dinner I told you that you did a great job with it. Four, although we usually do our grocery shopping together, yesterday you had to make the list and buy our food for the week by yourself and without going over budget. You did! I told you that I was proud of you, especially since you had all three kids with you. Finally, I facebook messaged you to tell you that I love doing daily devotions with you.

For my fifth session of prayer on my day of fast (see day 34), I asked God to use my 365 acts of love to increase my love for you. To help me lead and serve you well. To help me treasure you. God, I love my wife; help me love her.