Day 33: Dark Chocolate Mocha

On the way to our Halloween festivities, I took you to our favorite local coffee shop to buy your favorite drink–a dark chocolate mocha. Your reaction to this act of love was strange. You looked at me with big, affectionate eyes, held my hand, and said I’m the best husband in the world. Then you drank your coffee with a big smile on your face, acting a bit giddy. By your reaction, you’d think I just risked my life for you. When I sent you a love letter through the mail or brought you roses after searching ten different stores in the middle of the night or washed and massaged your feet, you smiled, thanked me, and went on your way. But I buy you a coffee and suddenly I’m the best husband in the world? Hold on, because you’re getting dark chocolate mochas for 332 days straight.


One Response to Day 33: Dark Chocolate Mocha

  1. […] you find your coffee card, I know exactly what you’ll use it for: a dark chocolate mocha from our favorite local coffee house. This is your current favorite coffee; but really, you like a […]

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