Day 9

October 8, 2011

For my 9th loving act, I bought you your flowers for the week. I didn’t present them to you as a surprise, but we picked them out together while shopping for groceries at Trader Joe’s. You seemed pleasantly surprised, but strangely expectant of them. I hope that you come to expect me to daily do loving things for you as a result of this year. We talked in the past about how sometimes it seems as though we treat each other like roommates rather than lovers. May this year-long project cause that conception of our relationship to never enter our minds again.


Day 8

October 8, 2011

Oops! I couldn’t write yesterday about my 8th loving act because I didn’t have a chance to be alone. We hung out until midnight! For day 8 I simply sat with you while we watched a few episodes of our favorite show. You seem to enjoy hanging out with me without talking or doing much. This strikes me as odd since I tend to think that I need to accomplish some tangible goal in order for our time together to be worthwhile. Obviously, this is false since our time doing nothing together was worthwhile.