My Resolution

You are my beloved and I am yours. But after several years of marriage, I’ve grown passive about our relationship–no longer do I passionately pursue your love nor express mine. I’m not sure how or why this happened, but I know that I want it to change. I love you, but desire to love you more and want you to feel loved by me. So, starting today I’m resolving to commit a different, intentional act of love for you every day for a year, so that our relationship may thrive once again. (Don’t get me wrong–I hope that all the days of all my life are filled with acts of love for you!) By blogging about this journey, I hope to preserve the memory of this year as a gift to you.

2 Responses to My Resolution

  1. Edna Ingram says:

    I can’t help but think back to when we met and first started dating and first married…and he’s the same person he was then. I still see him that way. It helps so much, amid all the trials of our lives… and other things that sometimes steal our thoughts.

  2. […] you this entire time. That’s exactly what I’ve been talking about” (see “My Resolution” and day […]

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